What is Somatic Experiencing?

Any shock or trauma, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Developmental Trauma, operations, accidents, emotional shocks, and similar overwhelming events create patterns and defence mechanisms in the body, that unless released can inhibit a person leading a full and happy life. 

Somatic Experiencing is a type of therapy that helps resolve and release physical and mental issues resulting from these held patterns. 

Somatic Experiencing sessions teach simple, powerful strategies that mobilise the body's innate self-healing systems. It is a form of body-sensation led talking therapy that helps relieve physical, emotional and psychological symptoms, resistance to situations and feelings of 'stuckness'. 

It increases our capacity to live a more whole, balanced, integrated, joyful, energetic life, bringing forth our full potential to truly be ourselves and feel fully alive, shedding our limiting attitudes and beliefs. It increases our awareness of ourselves and the way we function, respond and react. It nurtures our joy and interest in life and increases our confidence in ourselves and the world. 


Somatic Experiencing sessions can be booked at Re-Centre Balham http://www.recentre-health.co.uk/

Please contact Gonca at gahealthandyoga@gmail.com for private sessions at different locations



Gonca Alban completed her Somatic Experiencing training with SOS Internationale ( http://www.sosinternationale.org ), the Somatic Experiencing training body in the UK, a part of the US training programme formed by Peter Levine ( https://traumahealing.org ).

Gonca discovered Somatic Experiencing after over a decade of teaching and practising yoga, which increased her awareness of her body, mind and emotions, creating a desire to understand herself and her attitudes and responses in life better and heal old wounds. Her yoga and meditation practise and career provided a natural foundation from which she could grow her understanding of trauma, healing, the connection between mind and body and effective ways of accessing and healing old traumas, stuck fears, phobias, chronic pains, depression, and other ailments, using the body and the mind together.

Her experience, both in herself and her clients, has shown her how powerfully healing the combination of working through the body on one side, and being able to understand, verbalise and make sense of what comes up on the other, can be. Somatic Experiencing brings together these forms of therapy beautifully and effectively, awakening the body’s natural healing mechanisms and allowing deeper understanding, healing and resolution to take place.

Gonca started her Somatic Experiencing practise in an addiction clinic in London, where she worked for two years before joining the ReCentre team. She has been teaching yoga and meditation for many years. She is also a nutritionist, writer and painter.