I have been a student of Gonca's for many years, practising both Vinyansa and Yin yoga with her.  Her teaching strikes a perfect balance between the physical and mental aspects of Yoga The physical aspect is wonderfully complemented by Gonca's extensive knowledge of anatomy and how to put that knowledge subtly into practice in an open class. Her ability to weave meditation and mental focus into both Vinyasa and Yin classes is something I greatly admire, her classes are always very well thought out and delivered, never being a session of people just following a sequence from the front without any personal thought. The classes are also always delivered with compassion and good humour. On a more personal level for me, Gonca has been a great inspiration and support in my journey to becoming a Yoga teacher, in fact I would go as far as saying she was instrumental.   L.P.

I look forward to my yoga classes with Gonca as they are a divine hour of calm and happiness during a busy week.  There is always a very warm welcome and a big smile to greet you each class. Gonca encourages you to work at the level that suits you whilst working hard and takes time to explain some of the reasons for doing each of the poses and flows.  I always leave the class feeling relaxed, stronger but softer and taller. I cannot recommend Gonca’s classes enough.  C.K.

Gonca is a fantastic yoga teacher, easily one of the best, her passion for yoga and sharing the teachings is wonderful.  Whether you are part of a group class or 121 session Gonca will tailor the session to suit your needs at that particular moment. I always come away from Gonca's classes feeling stretched, clear headed and able to tackle anything life throws at me. I can thoroughly recommend Gonca.   C.G.

Gonca is a great teacher, I always feel in safe hands under her instruction, and she's got the ability to inspire you to do more and better. Working with her consistently has improved my yoga practice immensely, and helped my overall wellbeing - stress management, bodily awareness, and all-round balance. She's an excellent communicator with an in-depth understanding of movement and technique. I'd highly recommend her instruction to anyone at any level.   M.H.

I'm a regular at Gonca's Monday evening class, which is generally the highlight of my week!   J.C.

The In-Trinity Yoga Workshop organised by Gonca last Saturday was an innovative and very progressive approaching to teaching yoga and an overall  amazing experience. Gonca made her class special and every student appreciated it regardless of their level.  E.B.

The two-hour In-Trinity Workshop with Gonca was fantastic - while In-Trinity is not really my 'thing' it was great to have the opportunity how versatile the In-Trinity board can be.   C.

I did your yoga courses for the last couple of years and really enjoyed them. I just wanted to say thanks as I thought your sessions were brilliant. I found them so relaxing but energising at the same time if that makes sense!?  Thanks again for reigniting my love of yoga!   D.R.