Yoga Styles

Hatha Yoga: Combining posture work with breath awareness. Focus is on finding ease and comfort within the poses, increasing awareness of the body, building strength and flexibility. Classes include standing, seated and inverted poses, as well as breath work and meditation.

Vinyasa Flow: Breath based yoga pose sequences, combining held poses, flowing sequences and sun salutes. Classes include standing, seated and inverted postures, breath work and meditation. Focus is on building strength, flexibility and stamina.

Yin Yoga: Ground poses held passively for longer periods of time to allow the pose to work into the deeper layers. Especially beneficial for joint and soft tissue health. 

Assisted Yin Yoga: A form of yin yoga whereby the student relaxes completely and I place them and hold them in poses to stretch their tissues for them. I guide them through visualisation and breathing exercises to help relax and focus their mind.

Scarevelli-inspired Yoga: Using simple movements and poses that have their foundation in rooting, grounding, letting go and surrendering which result in natural expansion of the body, resulting in a body that can breathe and move with ease. 

Yang Yoga: Flowing strength building sequences, based on continuous flowing movement.

Pre and post Natal Yoga: Pre Natal Yoga helps prepare the body and the mind for birth, keeping the body flexible and strong, the back pain free and the joints moving. Breath work to help with the birth and pelvic floor exercises are practised, as well as visualisations, meditation and breathing techniques that help calm the mind. Post Natal Yoga focuses on gently strengthening the body.

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Different styles can be combined and used to create an effective practice, tailored to the individual's or the group's specific needs and aims. 

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Classes and Workshops

I teach classes on a regular basis at nearby gyms and studios. in addition, I am available for private sessions.  Besides yoga and somatic experiencing therapy, i am a certified nutritionist and will provide a customized plan to incorporate and accommodate your lifestyle.