What is Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic Experiencing is a type of therapy that helps resolve and release physical and mental issues. Any shock or trauma, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Developmental Trauma, operations, accidents, emotional shocks, and similar overwhelming events create patterns and defence mechanisms in the body, that unless released can inhibit a person leading a full and happy life. With Somatic Experiencing therapy these held patterns can be released.

During Somatic Experiencing sessions the therapist guides the client through simple, powerful strategies that mobilise the body’s innate self-healing systems. It is a form of body-sensation led talking therapy that helps relieve physical, emotional and psychological symptoms, resistance to situations and feelings of 'stuckness'.

Somatic Experiencing increases our capacity to live a more whole, balanced, integrated, joyful, energetic life, bringing forth our full potential to truly be ourselves and feel fully alive, shedding our limiting attitudes and beliefs. It increases our awareness of ourselves and the way we function, respond and react. It nurtures our joy and interest in life and increases our confidence in ourselves and the world. 

what can i expect from as session?

The setting is similar to any other ‘talking therapy’ session. A session takes place with the client seated comfortably. First we talk about what has brought them there and what they are hoping to resolve. Then I use various methods to allow the body’s innate healing mechanism to take place. We all are able to heal fully, if we let our body do so, however often our mind gets in the way and we get stuck. Through ‘tracking’ the body and being guided by feelings or physical sensations that come up in the body during the session, we can release these innate healing mechanisms and  allow the body to resolve any recurring or ingrained issues it might be holding on to. It is more about listening to the body and being guided by it, rather than using the body in movements or exercises.

iS ANY TOUCH INVOLVED? how many sessions is this healing process likely to take?

Using touch during sessions can be helpful, but is not essential. This is always entirely up to the client.

Number of sessions varies by person and situation. Some traumas are so deeply embedded, it can take many sessions. Sometimes a client comes with a very straight forward trauma, for example an accident or operation, which can be resolved within a few weeks.