Use of the board

The In-Trinity board, due to its shape and incline/decline and 360 degree grip rail, make getting into some advanced yoga poses, for example arm balances, back bends, etc much easier by taking pressure off joints, especially wrists and making poses easier or harder due to its sloping angle.

The board can be used for yoga poses and flows, as well as various strength building exercises. 

With the help of gravity and straps, it also allows us to experience deeper, or less intense stretches, depending on which way we turn on the board.


8 elements of In-Trinity

Incline - increased muscle activation, strength training

Sticks - increased use of balance, hand-eye coordination, arm strength

Gravity - increased resistance or help to access deeper stretches, depending on which way you use the board

Straps - resistance, stabilisation, assistance in balance and accessing deeper stretches

Ergo-grip rails - around the whole of the board, enabling different angles in stretches, ease on wrists for advanced yoga poses

Decline - increased depth in stretches, use of gravity to help moving into advanced balance poses

Hourglass deck - different widths for different body shapes, ability to straddle board for poses

Negative space - increased range of movement