Having been a successful M&A investment banker for a number of years, I felt I needed better balance in my life and wanted to help people and contribute to society in a more meaningful way. I set out on a personal quest to lead a more fulfilled life.  As a result, not only did I find greater awareness, peace and serenity through learning and practising yoga, but I discovered it to be my life's passion. 

As my personal journey led me down unexpected paths, I realised that I needed to be even more directly engaged in discovering and unlocking a deeper understanding of myself.  I became certified in Somatic Experiencing Therapy in an intense 3-year process that solidified my understanding at a deeper level.  

While I am always a work in progress, every step in my journey has made me realise that I am compelled to help others achieve a better, happier self.  Thus, my life's work is dedicated to living a life that betters one life at a time.